Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Grey Leather Handbags for Travel, Work & Everyday FREE DELIVERY UK

If you’re a busy lady juggling work with kids and holidays, the concept of an organiser bag might be a pleasing notion indeed. At Catwalk Collection Handbags, we have taken our organiser bags to the next level with our range of purpose made cross-body bags. Just the look of them and the feel of the leather make them very exciting. As a proud English company, we wanted to create something that you can show off with pride, one where you can be organised and look chic at the same time.

The first organiser is the smallest in the range; Teagan. A neatly designed cross-body bag for everyday use with umpteen pockets and compartments to store everything and anything handbag related. This has proved so popular that our customers wanted them made bigger for taking to work. We then designed a large version and City came into existence, almost a mini office for transporting notepads and files, pens and paper, calculator and iPad plus myriad other office type contents.

This is when the Goldilocks effect occurred. For people who wanted to take the bag travelling, the Teagan was slightly too small and the City was simply too big. Our manufacturing team got their heads together and designed a medium sized bag which was just perfect for the task.
These ultimate organiser bags are now available in a whole range of leathers and colours with more under development. City comes in hard-wearing Buffalo leather which has a fine grain and a soft shine to the finish. It looks smart and it means business. Teagan and Metro come in relaxed Washed leather that’s soft and sensual to the touch for everyday use.
Our latest leather is our recipe for Grey. It’s slightly darker for the City bag which gives it a refined elegance and a more serious mood. The grey is a touch lighter for the leisurely Teagan and Metro designs and being a neutral colour it goes well with most clothes.

What sets Catwalk Collection Handbags apart from other handbag companies is our instinctive desire to provide products that work for the modern woman. We fully understand the pressures of life for women and we like to come up with useful solutions that are not just practical but fit in perfectly with the fashions of today, enabling women to be fabulous and chic simultaneously. 
It is every designer’s dream to create a classic handbag, a design that will never go out of fashion and perhaps we have found one with these ultimate organiser bags in fashionable leathers. This current design maintains a classic identity whilst the introduction of new leathers and colourways follows the trends of fashion houses.

City, Metro and Teagan organiser cross-body bags are currently one of our best-sellers in the UK and across Europe. Catwalk Collection Handbags are now available at The Real Handbag Shop on &

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